USPS Optional Procedure Mailing Partner

When choosing a partner to handle all of your packaging and shipping needs, it’s important to find a company that is both experienced and trustworthy. MGA Innovation has strong relationship with the USPS, which not only speaks to our integrity, but also offers mailing advantages to you and your business. Our authorized operational procedure mailing system helps cut down costs, increase shipment speed, and boost customer satisfaction. Keep reading to learn more about USPS OMPS and what this mailing system can do for your business.

What is an Optional Procedure (OP) Mailing System?

"Optional Procedure” is a USPS term used to describe a method of mail preparation that deviates from the traditional process of label creation and shipping. An Optional Procedure Mailing System is a way for the USPS to verify and accept all classes of mail without requiring onsite USPS personal approval.

Part of the certification process involved establishing the trustworthiness and reliability of the commercial partner. Businesses like MGA Innovation are required to provide documentation that verifies packages are being weighted properly and charged accordingly. Optional Procedure Mailing Systems are subject to review every two years. Finally, the mailer must maintain an effective quality control program to ensure that all rules and regulations are being followed.

OP Mailing systems require the approval of the mailer (MGA), the postmaster, the district manager, and the Business Mailer Support (BMS) manager. Once a company has been certified to join the OP mailing program, they are allowed to prepare mail and enter the mail into the USPS mail stream without active USPS supervision.

What Our OP Approval Means for You

Our OP Mailing System approval allows MGA to cut out the middle man. All of your products will ship directly from our facility, streamlining the mailing process. Our relationship with USPS allows us to implement faster turnaround times for orders, helping prevent backup and increasing customer satisfaction.

It also means our customers aren’t paying for more package transportation than they have to. This status gives us the flexibility to offer reduced costs and improved response rates at competitive prices. From box design to assembly to shipment, we handle every aspect of your mailing needs quickly and professionally.

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At MGA, many of our competitive services are only possible thanks to lasting partnerships with world-class mail services like USPS. Over the last fifty years, MGA worked to ensure that our customers get the best rates and service, every time. Contact us to learn what we can do for you and your business.