Hand Assembly and Packing Solutions

Not every task can be automated. Whether you sell fragile items, seasonal gift packs, or objects with multiple components, MGA Innovation has the resources you need to get orders out the door fast. We handle all the packaging and assembly logistics to ensure your product consumer quickly and safely. Our professional team is efficient, methodical, and highly organized. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our hand assembly services.

What is Hand Assembly?

Hand assembly is a manual form of package production that is not reliant on machinery. Sometimes, orders need to be assembled by people. Although automation is becoming increasingly popular, hand assembly is still the standard for delicate products or high-end items that require a personal touch. Hand assembly allows for:

Our Services

With MGA hand assembly, you can be certain your customers are receiving uniformly high-quality shipments. Our business partners trust us to hand assemble and personally pack:

Our expert hand assembly creates a reliable process that can easily meet fluctuating demand while making sure every orders ship on time.

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Our team of professionals has the experience, tools, and capacity to meet your shipping needs. Worried about short notice or high-volume sales? Want to protect your merchandise and impress your customers? Get in touch with us for a pricing proposal and we’ll figure out an assembly packaging solution that works for you.