Overwrapping serves a multitude of critical functions. If your company ships, stores, or sells products, sealing the merchandise to maintain a crisp, clean appearance should be a routine aspect of your business practice. Here are some key functions of the process:

The professional overwrapping team at MGA Innovation is here to provide you with secondary packaging solutions for your wrap cartons, trays, bundles, and more. We’ll keep your products fresh, secure, appealing to the eye, so all of your products remain ready for their destinations.

What is Overwrapping?

Overwrapping is both a form of packaging and a mechanical process. Its primary function is to protect merchandise during shipping, storage, and display.

It is used by companies of all sizes to provide a professional look to the final product by enhancing your product packaging with materials that create a comprehensive seal.

Machines and materials vary, but the end result is that the product is sealed in clear, flexible materials that are discarded once the item is purchased. This form of packaging is also known as diamond-fold wrapping, tuck-and-fold wrapping, gift-box wrapping, cigarette wrapping, and bundle wrapping

Benefits of Overwrapping

  • Combine two or more packages into a larger unit. Overwrapping allows you to securely bundle packages into a single unit for greater ease of shipping or display. This goes hand in hand with our kitting
  • Keep package clean. Merchandise gets scuffed. Whether it happens during transportation or on the display, visible damage is almost guaranteed to reduce the perceived value of your product. Overwrapping keeps dirt and debris firmly outside of the packaging.
  • Prevent theft. Opening a box is more difficult once it is sealed with overwrapping. The clear flexible barrier also makes it clear if goods have been tampered with for customer safety.
  • Obscure details, make others transparent. Overwrapping can be an affordable and useful method to cover up certain packaging details for sale, distribution, or gifting purposes while making others transparent with the use of shrink films.
  • Assure quality and safety. Authentication or anti-tampering seals can be safely attached to overwrapping without damaging or leaving a permanent mark on your merchandise. Promote the quality of your brand on clear packaging.
  • Sealed against the outside elements. Any product left alone for long enough is going to attract unwanted attention from insects. An extra layer of protection also provides resistance against water and grease.
  • Graphics, advertisements, warnings, instructions, bar codes are all staples of packaging. Provide information without compromising design by stamping identifying information on the overwrapping.

Our Overwrapping Services

Overwrapping is essential for final product presentation and MGA uses a wide variety of materials and extensive expertise to seal your items:

Our overwrapping machines are useful for orders of any size, from small businesses with product shipments to large corporations who need professional assistance.

Overwrapping remains one of the most cost-effective ways to securely present and protect your goods. You can wrap cartons, trays, or bundles with overwrapping solutions from MGA. Secure items for shipping with our on-site line of overwrapping machines and upgrade your processes today!

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