Custom Contract Packaging

Custom Contract Packaging

Some orders require special assistance to complete. While all of the co-packing services at MGA Innovation are treated with complete care and oversight, we do offer custom contract packaging that can meet your exact specifications and project scope. We are a full-service design-to-distribution contract packaging company with the equipment and expertise to meet any need.

Quality Products. Custom Solutions.

With consumers demanding specificity and certain products over others, businesses must be ready to provide at a moment’s notice. That’s where we come in. MGA leads the packaging supply and demand chain with personalized product packaging shipments that can be completed with special considerations in a cost-effective manner. Certain orders also require priority and we make that happen.

Our Custom Contract Packaging Process

Custom orders follow a process that is similar to our standard contract packaging, however, with customization, determining special requirements and fulfillment needs are vital. When you need custom contract packaging services, you’ll work with one of our knowledgeable co-packing specialists to create a step-by-step plan that may look something like this:

Step #1 – Ideation

We’ll discuss the goals of your custom packaged product, from the initial idea and the reasons behind it, to the overall fulfillment scope.

Retailers can’t always predict how much supply to provide to match the demand. While contract fillers handle large volume custom orders, small run custom contract packaging is also popular. We’ll handle the quick packaging and coordinate the delivery of both. This includes cost-effective overwrapping and shrink wrapping presentation and protection, custom sample programs, subscription boxes, promotional packaging, and direct mail!

Step #2 – Plan Development

After the initial knowledge transfer of your goals, it’s time to discuss and formalize a plan. We’ll offer any recommendations for your order, based on our packaging capabilities and experience. Our custom contract packaging services include everything you need:  from printing, package design, packing with materials, distribution, and value shipping.

Prior to moving forward, our team will request any required information from your company to ensure the order aligns with safety and quality standards.

Step #3 – Order Production & Fulfillment

Our professional production and assembly team will get to work immediately on your customized order, completing it to the exact specifications devised in the plan. Throughout single-phase production, the workmanship and efficiency will be monitored for quality. Packaging will also be inspected to ensure the parameters have been met to ensure turnkey fulfillment. The order will then be loaded and shipped to plan so it arrives in store or to your desired location on time.

Step #4 – Review 

We believe in strong partnerships that last. That’s why we carefully examine your order for quality assurance during the final steps of the process. Your complete satisfaction is our main objective, and we will work hard to make sure your needs are met.