Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase (POP) displays are an effective way to grab customers’ attention and ensure the sale of your products. Store shelves are usually crowded with similar items that drown out your careful branding. Help your products stand out with point of purchase displays such as counter, club, and pallet displays, compiled by MGA Innovation.

Why is Point of Purchase Important?

With effective Point of Purchase displays, you can increase your sales without stretching your budget. 

Up to 70% of retail purchases aren’t decided until the customer is in the store. For most companies, reaching buyers within the store is the last opportunity to convert interest into a sale. The advertising materials you use with your items and locating them in areas where consumers make a purchasing decision is vital.

Point of Purchase displays come in a variety of sizes and designs to entice your customer. They are highly cost-efficient, often made of cardboard, and are reusable.

You may include any of the following items on your Point of purchase displays:

These displays are also more versatile than traditional shelf displays. Draw attention to your product with a Point of Purchase display in the same aisle or set up a free-standing display near a complimentary item somewhere else in the store to encourage a dual purchase without taking up shelf space.

You can use them to upgrade your marketing strategy, boosting last-minute sales and brand recognition. MGA can help you create packaging and arrangement for these stunning exhibits.

Basic Types of Point of Purchase Displays

You’ll find that Point of Purchase displays change dramatically, based on your audience, product, and their placement within a store.  A few Point of Purchase displays include:

  1. Free-standing displays allow your goods additional flexibility within the store. Your items will be on the shelves, but with free-standing displays you can also put your merchandise in wide aisles with high foot traffic. Another option is to place your product next to complimentary purchases. For example, if you sell hummus, a free-standing display in the chip aisle would be a quick way to improve impulse purchases.
  2. Display end caps promote visibility of your merchandise without customers ever having to walk past your shelf display. Situated at the end of an aisle, end caps draw the attention of buyers who wouldn’t have been exposed to your brand otherwise.
  3. Club packs are used in club stores to promote large volume products. They tend to be square, made of cardboard, and are stackable. For any business looking to expand their market into club stores, club packs are essential for staying competitive.
  4. Corrugated pallet displays feature both merchandiser trays and interior support structures. This type of cardboard display is often quite large and is ideal for storing and selling large volumes of product. Unlike club packs, corrugated pallet displays do not have to meet club store requirements.
  5. Pallet skirts are a simpler version of corrugated pallet displays. Pallet skirts wrap around the pallet and provide a space to display a large volume of items. However, pallet skirts cannot reach the heights (or provide the spectacle) of full-size corrugated pallet displays.
  6. Shelf talkers are small signs that promote your goods on an aisle shelf. Also called hang-tags, these POP items are an inexpensive way to catch a customer’s eye and make your brand stand out within the aisle.
  7. Counter displays are a quick and easy way to separate your brand from competitors. Made of cardboard, these POP displays are often small and can be placed on any store counter. You can also add the POP near the cash register and encourage impulse buys.
Learn more about Point of Purchase displays by checking out our comprehensive blog post, POP Displays 101.

Envision Your Display with MGA

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