Retail Co-Packing

An Innovative Retail Co-Packing Company

It’s clear you’ve got great products, but maximizing their potential to reach the masses through assembly and distribution will require some help. That’s where MGA Innovation enters the picture. As an experienced and efficient retail co-packing company, we manufacture and package large orders from widely known brands to small businesses aiming to grow. Working with a co-packer is paramount to the success of your business. Talk to us today about our co-packing solutions for your retail product lines.

What is a Co-Packing Company?

A retail co-packing company (also known as a contract packager) is a business that specializes in the manufacture and packaging of products for clients. These partnerships are formed for many reasons, including:

How Does the Co-Packing Process Work?

From paper products, to cosmetics, cleaning supplies and thousands of other items, our co-packing objective at MGA remains the same:

We invest in the processes and solutions to get your products into the store or related destination so you can spend more time focusing on the production of your products.

Work with us during the creation of your product chain strategy. We know how to plan for consumer demands and can address any production scaling needs. Our team also knows how to maintain the appearance of your product from the moment it is packed to when it reaches retail shelves.

Co-Packing Capabilities

Working with MGA

MGA has over 50 years of experience as a leading retail co-packing company for businesses large and small. If you are a startup organization, partner with us to accomplish your co-packing needs. You’ll receive access to the same resources as major industry leaders while you set your sights on internal investment.

We can also help with:

Additionally, as a Premier USPS Customer, you receive unparalleled advantages throughout the shipping process.