USPS Bulk Mail Presort & List Analysis

Make the most of your shipping options with our bulk mail presort and list analysis services. At MGA Innovation, we do the work for you. Qualify for bulk mailing discounts, update your mailing list, and ensure you can reach your target demographic quickly with customized mailers. Our list maintenance services help you optimize your mailing list and grow your business.

What Does USPS Presort Mean?

USPS presort is a recognized category of mail that has been sorted in advance to arriving at the post office. By sorting mail by destination ZIP code at their packaging facilities, many companies can qualify for lower postage costs.

Our Presort Services

We take care of all presorting in our facilities. MGA sorts mail into specific area code groups that become more general as the mail travels further. Presorted mail requires less time and money for the Postal Service to process. Those decreased labor costs result in lower postage prices, saving you money.

The difference between presort and first-class mail is price. Businesses that use first class mail do not presort, meaning that the USPS has to do the standard amount of work, resulting in standard prices.

What is List Analysis?

List analysis is simply the practice of reviewing your mailing data. Mailing lists contain more than addresses. Paired with order history and other data points, you can gain a greater understanding of your target audience. This helps not only with retaining customers, but can also offer insight into the demographics and locations for potential business. Data-driven list analysis is a tool to help you improve and deepen your mailing profiles.

Our List Analysis Services

At MGA, we do the work for you. Our computer programs are engineered to optimize your existing mailing list and offer opportunities to expand your customer base. Learn about where your best buyers live, what they like, and what forms of promotion they respond to. The location data also helps to streamline the presorting process.

Our services can grow your business. They also directly impact how your business operates today. Maintain a healthy mailing list by removing unverified addresses, incomplete information, or outdated destinations for loyal customers. Keeping your list accurate with our analysis services maximizes both the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns and the reliability of prompt delivery.

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