Professional Contract Shrink Wrapping Services

Professional Contract Shrink Wrapping Services

Avoid blemishing the professional presentation of your items with a packaging solution that offers complete protection.

MGA Innovation provides contract shrink wrapping services with the ability to handle high speed, high volume orders.

For a fast turnaround on contract packaging orders that are timely and cost efficient, you need shrink wrapping films applied by professionals who have the equipment and experience to showcase your products inside.

Why is Shrink Wrapping Important?

Companies turn to contract packaging services that supply shrink film to improve the efficiency of products reaching their destinations, and to boost protection before, during, and after transit, A professional supplier of shrink wrapping services should be able to encapsulate thousands of items in large-scale orders, but also have the flexibility to provide unique offerings for every customer.

Shrink wrapping can be used for a wide variety of retail, industrial, and commercial applications. It provides visual transparency for brands and packages and a cleaner environment with less risk of damage.

Companies rely on fulfillment and distribution partners who can accommodate specific shrink wrapping details, such as: 

MGA is staffed and supplied to handle those needs and more. Customers also count on us to provide an extensive selection of contract packaging and retail co-packing services, including:

Our contract shrink wrapping services are available to all customers, and we have the cost-effective solutions to implement high-quality packaging for your products.

The Shrink Wrapping Process

With several gauges and widths of protective shrink wrap, we have the equipment and versatility to provide the perfect seal and shrink for any product you need protected.

MGA utilizes three Shanklin shrink wrappers, all of which are oriented for speed and adaptability.

Our technicians use these tools to protect your next promotion from the moment it is shrink wrapped, so it remains pristine through the postal service and to the destination.

We can also use our professional equipment to develop your next on-pack solution for advanced displays.

Your Contract Shrink Wrapping Provider

With over 50 years of industry experience, MGA has provided professional contract shrink wrapping services to companies large and small for decades. We believe in delivering first-class packaging services that give customers the peace of mind that their products will retain an iconic look throughout the supply process.

Find out more about our packaging shrink wrapping services and talk with us about your needs.

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