Product Sampling Program

Product Sampling Program

Providing sample boxes to targeted consumers is a great way to boost your product marketing strategy and earn more business. MGA Innovation can create numerous types of sampling packages in boxes and cartons, handling both the fulfillment and direct mailing through a product sampling program.

Sending items to consumers is more than just handing out free products. It is a proven way to raise brand awareness and can influence purchasing decisions. Studies have found that more than 53% of users who try a sample will buy the product and 56% enjoy samples because they are seeking alternatives.

We will help you get your sampled products into the right hands. Gain new customers and sustain return business with a product sampling program that promotes the products you want to showcase.

What Are Sampling Programs?

If you are interested in running a sampling of new products, a professional partner can help you create and maintain a product sampling program. While each program is different, all are centered around the goals of engaging users, acquiring those users, and selling products.

Customize your product sampling programs, whether you are product testing or promoting an existing product. MGA will work with you to develop sampling programs that are organized and can accomplish the following objectives:

Utilize your budget for free product distribution by mailing that inventory through distribution channels that convert prospects. Our team can also introduce product sampling into your supply chain management strategies with ease, even if your orders include thousands of products.

How Do You Create a Product Sampling Program?

MGA prides itself as an expert in product sampling program ideation. When you partner with us to determine new strategies, we will help you:

See Better Results with Product Sampling Program Implementation from MGA

With MGA, your distribution of sample products will target the prospects you want at the right time and without over extending your budget. The implementation of a product sampling program from our expert team will help you turn “giving away free stuff” into profits that are derived with data and resources. Partner with an expert who can help you convert more prospects into buyers and elevate your brand awareness

For more than 50 years we have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, helping them earn success. We can help you too. Contact us today to begin your partnership.