6 Reasons You Should Partner with a 3PL Company

What is 3PL (Third Party Logistics)?

Third Party Logistics services include all the steps necessary to get a product from the seller to the customer. Sometimes referred to as corporate fulfillment services or a 3PL center, they receive, process, fulfill and ship the product to its final destination. A 3PL company specializes in handling inventory, processing orders, contract packaging, and shipping orders in the most efficient way possible.

You may ask yourself, why should I use a 3PL company? There are many reasons, but we’ll focus on the most important ones here.

Benefits of Partnering with a 3PL Company

1 – Frees You Up

Partnering with an experienced 3PL center allows you to devote valuable resources and time to other areas of your business. The process of fulfilling orders is time-consuming, complex, and often challenging. If you want it to be done as efficiently as possible, it will require a huge amount of your time and attention. It can be overwhelming for many businesses. By utilizing a 3PL company, you don’t have to worry about the contract packaging, marketing fulfillment, logistics, and everything else that goes into the process of fulfilling orders. Business owners can focus on planning, strengthening, and growing their business while leaving fulfillment to their trusted partner.

2 – Cost Savings and Worry Free

Utilizing 3PL services is cost effective as you don’t need to spend money on a traditional warehouse. Fulfillment centers are designed to be as efficient as possible, with optimized logistics that help make picking and packing orders easy and fast. Also, most fulfillment companies have good relationships with shipping and supply companies, allowing them to pass on the savings that come with purchasing shipping services and packing supplies at a high volume. In addition, you don’t have to concern yourself with security and other issues that come with owning your own warehouse. Your products will be contained and secured in a climate controlled and access-controlled facility that is video monitored 24/7/365.

3 – Scalability and Flexibility

By partnering with a quality contract packaging company, you’ll easily be able to handle all the business that will come your way. Many companies sink when they see a massive amount of growth in sales because they simply can’t handle the volume. A 3PL fulfillment center allows you to scale services based on your order volume; they allow businesses to pay for only the amount of space required and the choice to increase or decrease that space with any change in business. The flexibility of a 3PL fulfillment services company is valuable because they can easily allocate the resources needed based on business fluctuations that occur throughout the year. So instead of leaving you to deal with adjusting space, labor costs, and other issues that come with the ups and downs of your business, simply leave those details to the fulfillment company.

4 – Leverage the Experience and Expertise of Your Partner

Smart business owners understand they can’t do everything. By partnering with a proven and successful 3PL fulfillment company, businesses can leverage their experience and expertise to ensure a smooth fulfillment operation and process. A full service, design to distribution contract packaging company is your team of experts that will do what they do best while allowing you to focus on business growth. Order fulfillment is challenging and any oversight that impacts the customer experience in a negative manner can have a bad effect on a business. By using a corporate fulfillment company with experience, you can rest assured that your orders will be handled quickly, accurately, and efficiently. They have the employees, equipment, facility, and technology required to seamlessly fulfill any order and make your customers happy.  

5 – Satisfy Your Customers Every Time

Customer satisfaction is critical in today’s competitive marketplace. Bad reviews on social media from unhappy customers can destroy a business. That’s why it’s important to have the most efficient, seamless fulfillment process around that will lead to a return visit and happy customer. As opposed to unhappy customers, satisfied ones will become brand advocates for a business and this will attract more customers. For any business that wants to succeed and experience longevity, making sure the customer experience is positive is a priority.

6 – Makes Managing Inventory Easy

Most 3PL’s use state-of-the-art technology for inventory tracking and management, making it easy to integrate with any business. A fulfillment center will ensure that your inventory is organized and stored properly, and they will also handle any returns. You will always be aware of what is and isn’t in stock. The fulfillment center you choose to partner with receives your inventory and assigns it to a certain area within the 3PL center. The inventory is assigned a code that will allow it to be tracked and there are other tools that communicate when to reorder new products to help prevent back-orders. Seamless and efficient inventory management is a breeze with a quality corporate fulfillment services company.

Bottom Line

An experienced company that provides superior corporate fulfillment services will be one of the greatest partners a business can have, helping them to thrive and achieve great business results. They allow businesses to focus on what they do best while leaving the fulfillment process to the experts. Managing inventory, processing orders, shipping, and other logistical fulfillment services are all part of the process and having an experienced team to seamlessly fulfill your orders to the great satisfaction of your customers is key.

How We Can Help

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