Top 4 Benefits of Working with a Co-Packing Company

Your product is red hot, your company is expanding; now you’re faced with big decisions on how you want to grow your business. The thought of producing goods at scale can be intimidating, but this may be the next logical step. When starting, it may be convenient to handle the packaging in-house. But as you move towards a bigger operation, the benefits of hiring a co-packing company are hard to ignore.

What is Co-packing?

Co-packing, also known as contract packaging, is assembling a product into its final packaging. A co-packing company can also manufacture and label products before being shipped to warehouses or stores. The process, materials, and packaging can be simple or complex and vary significantly across industries.

  • Beverage and food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household items, cleaning supplies, and pet products are just a few products and industries that use co-packing services.
  • Co-packers for food and beverage companies can process the entire product onsite and package and label it, so it’s ready for shipment.

A full-service design-to-distribution contract packaging company will offer flexible solutions, quick turnaround, and support to every project. Let’s look at more benefits of using a co-packing service.

Benefit 1: Reduce Your Bottom Line

You’ll see there are many benefits to partnering with a co-packing business. One of the significant benefits is reducing your company’s bottom line.

  • No investment for production facilities, materials or equipment. Reduce the need for extra staff and costs on training.
  • Reduction in waste through a highly streamlined process.
  • Able to meet the increase in demand for seasonal items and reduce lead times.

A co-packing service will discuss money-saving solutions for packaging and materials. For instance, an experienced co-packing company could reduce the size of the primary packaging by small reductions; the result could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly.

Additional cost-saving possibilities:

  • Change the shipping case size and lower overall costs by reducing the number of shipments.
  • Review packaging used and look for cost-saving measures such as changing from Kraft to test paper.

Benefit 2: You Can Scale Up, Efficiently!

A benefit of joining with a co-packer is the high level of expertise and technology they bring to your company.

  • Co-packers bring with them an extremely skilled staff, allowing you time and resources to support and build growth in other areas of the company.
  • There will be less need to buy expensive equipment. Co-packing service will have state-of-the-art, automated equipment to fulfill high demands. 

Benefit 3: Cutting Edge Technology

Advanced systems make it possible for co-packing to be as safe and streamlined as possible.

  • Maintain and enforce quality control.
  • Use real-time data and systems to troubleshoot and avoid possible delays.
  • Ability to address last-minute changes.
  • Improve line performance.

Benefit 4: Customized and Efficient Packaging

Customized packaging options will help your product stand out. Efficient packaging will save you money. A co-packing service will help you navigate all the different packaging options, designs, materials, and features, recommending the best so your product can shine.  

  • You spend less time managing packaging and more time creating new products.
  • Suitable packaging will keep your product safe during shipping.
  • Reduce space for more efficient packaging and lower transportation costs.

Working with MGA Innovation

No one knows your product and customers like you do. At MGA Innovation, we will seamlessly integrate with your business operations and offer over 50 years of industry expertise and resources. MGA can help your business reach new heights through our full-service design-to-distribution contract packaging services. We offer a variety of packaging options that are highly customizable to suit your company’s needs and budget. Contact us today, and let’s move your business to the next level.