EDI Warehouse Systems and API Fulfillment Solutions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

In today’s digital landscape, consumers and business partners want and expect the most out of their relationships and shopping experiences. When speed, transparency, and sustainability mean everything, an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) warehouse system can play an integral part in fulfilling those needs. In addition to expediting and standardizing the exchange of routine paper documentation to and from internal and external systems, an EDI solution also helps connect real-time inventory status’ for large volumes of products to trading partners, reducing backorder times and delayed shipments.

MGA Innovation has the solutions for your organization. Our EDI warehouse systems help eliminate tedious, manual paper-based processes that not only reduce costs and promote sustainability, but also protect against human error by adding a layer of protection to your organization’s internal systems that combat fraud and enhance record-keeping practices.

Business records commonly automated through an EDI Warehouse System include:

Your internal organization and end consumers are not the only ones who benefit from quicker fulfillment times and shipping transparencies. Trading partners reap the rewards as well. MGA’s EDI solution enables all parts of the supply chain, so retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and other various stakeholders can absolve barriers and communicate with one another instantaneously.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Program Interfaces permit the end-user to quickly move data across two or more systems in real-time, allowing their software to be constantly available or “open” and easily integrated with various third-party software. MGA’s fulfillment API serves as an interface between software programs, helping them interact the same way an interface allows humans to interact with computers.

For organizations looking to enhance their supply chain, whether orders are “pick pack” or drop-shipped, a fulfillment API solution may be the right choice. With our fulfillment API, we can quickly onboard new partners and respond to changes from existing clients without skipping a beat.

When it comes to your order fulfillment method, our API allows your organization the agility to quickly update various shipping properties. A few examples include:

Integrating an API fulfillment solution provides a boost to your supply chain efficiency.

Need Help Automating EDI and API Processing?

No matter what kind of EDI and/or API tasks you want to integrate and automate, you have the power to do it easily with MGA. Our experts can review technical challenges with you, and discuss how they can be addressed.

Contact MGA today to get the architecture guidance you want, along with references to help seamlessly integrate your existing system.