Bulk Mail Real Time Inventory System

Track the movement of your products instantaneously with our real time inventory systems. Simplify your inventory management and reduce human errors with automated systems that let you appraise your stock at a glance and coordinate complex inventory transactions with a click. MGA Innovation’s talented team of experts has the experience and skills you need to implement and maintain a cutting-edge system that can save you mistakes, time, and money.

What is Real Time inventory Management?

Real time inventory management is a form of inventory management that allows businesses to easily track and account for inventory across multiple facilities and sales channels. Businesses use barcodes, scanners, serial numbers, inventory software, and RFID tags to keep track of their inventory on a minute to minute basis. This constantly updating system creates unparalleled inventory transparency so you know not only where your stock is, but how it got there, how long its been there, and whether or not a particular item is running low.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Perpetual live monitoring of your products takes resources to implement and maintain. But once implemented, real time inventory can:

Who benefits from real time inventory?

Not every business requires real time inventory. But for companies that need to register changes as they happen, real time inventory is an important investment. Some companies that benefit from this type of management system include:

If your business matches any of these descriptions, a real-time inventory management system can be well worth the investment. Small companies with low inventories, a limited selection of products, and low turnover would likely not find real time inventory systems helpful.

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