Custom Built Versatile Assembly Line Solutions

Simplify your production process with MGA Innovation’s turnkey assembly solutions. Our assembly lines are portable and can be customized for any company, no matter how the industry. From first pitch to final product, we are your one-stop-shop for efficient shipment management. Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your specific needs today.

What is Turnkey Assembly?

Turnkey assembly is a form of manufacturing where a single outside partner is responsible for every aspect of product production. Instead of outsourcing different stages of packaging production to multiple disparate vendors, one company is trusted to create a custom, centralized solution for your businesses.

Benefits of Custom Manufacturing Lines

Reap the benefits of individualized solutions. Get products packaged and shipped fast with a centralized assembly line engineered to meet your specific needs. Custom built assembly lines create:

Our Services

Custom built and portable, our assembly lines can handle any manufacturing job. MGA’s team of professionals will work with you to design your assembly line, acquire all the necessary materials, test quality, and ensure all packages have the proper shipping information. No job is too eclectic or difficult. We will be with you every step of the way, from the initial concept to the completed shipment. Whether you’re breaking down bulk shipments or building unique kits, MGA has a solution for you.

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Our portable turnkey assembly lines can be customized for any business. Talk to us about how you envision your assembly lines being structured and our team of experts help you create a specialized solution. Get started streamlining production today.