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Target specific consumers with MGA Innovation’s solo direct mailers. Customizable, affordable, and professional, this mailing strategy is a great opportunity to generate leads and create interest in your business. Make an impact with our professional mailers today.

What Are Solo Mailers?

Solo direct mail is any form of advertisement that mails individually and is not combined with other companies or offers. This promotional material can target your customers based on their purchase history, interests, location, and other demographics. With the proper data analysis and customization, solo mailers can be incredibly precise tools to drive sales and increase brand recognition.

Comparing Solo Mailers

Solo mailers are a popular way to reach customers and improve response rates. But solo mailers are not the only form of by-mail advertisement. Other forms include:

Unlike other forms of advertisement, solo mailers allow you a low-cost opportunity to focus attention on a single successful product, without having to compete with other inventory or other offers. For especially effective mailers, we recommend offering some form of discount – $10 off or free shipping – within a limited time frame to prompt consumer action. Savvy marketing allows you to control your mail strategy in a way that is engineered to optimize your advertising budget. 

Benefits of Solo Mailers

Solo direct mailer offers many unique benefits. The most important is the control that comes with this form of advertising. With solo mailers, you can control your branding, your messaging, and who the mailers reach. Especially with targeted list capabilities, you can individualize your content to increase sales. Simple details, such as personalizing the font with your consumer’s name, can boost response rates.

There are also financial incentives to use solo mailers. Catalogs and addressed mail are more expensive and often less effective. Solo mailers allow brands to reach new and returning customers at a much lower cost than more traditional forms of mail advertisements. Our services help you boost your sales without breaking your budget.

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