What we offer!

It’s clear you’ve got great products, but maximizing their potential to reach the masses through assembly and distribution will require some help. That’s where MGA Innovation enters the picture. As an experienced and efficient retail co-packing company, we manufacture and package large orders from widely known brands to small businesses aiming to grow. Working with a co-packer is paramount to the success of your business. Talk to us today about our co-packing solutions for your retail product lines.

“MGA Innovations has been a strategic warehouse and fulfillment partner since 2017. Working together, we have created a more cost effective, efficient process that delivers consistent, high quality service to our subscription box clients.”

John Dezio, Vice President, Continuum, Marketing Production Services

“We have worked with MGA for over 3 years and they have offered incredible service from the outset. The team at MGA are so incredibly helpful and have been excellent partners.”


“MGA provides excellent customer service, competitive pricing and flexibility to meet our customer’s demand”

Patrick M, PPI Beauty

“ We’ve been working with the team at MGA for the last 28 years….and from my POV, no one works with a company that long unless it’s ultimately a ‘partnership’ relationship vs a ‘vendor’ relationship. MGA has earned a partnership relationship with Brandshare, as they consistently deliver unique solutions to our creative ideas, helping to bring these ideas to life for our key clients….and they are not a 9:01am to 4:59pm partner….they make it happen based on our clients’ timeline, not theirs.”

Doug Guyer, Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Development, Brandshare