Database Management

Object-Oriented Database Management

Organization and security of information is critical to the success of any business. The structure of data sourced from your information impacts goal setting, performance monitoring, and a wide variety of decision making.

MGA Innovation provides comprehensive data management services, including database management, to keep all of your applications organized, safe, high-performing, and oriented toward an objective.

Data-Driven Solutions

From file management to order processing, MGA offers every partner a secure data solution, from file management to order processing, with conveniences you can pass on to your customers.

See firsthand how to optimize our database management systems (DBMS). Our technology will help you organize large quantities of orders, including mailing lists, allowing you to sort items for store delivery or send direct mail to targeted personas.

Sort information and data within your mailing lists by the following categories:

Our data management tools will help you make selections that optimize your marketing.

We also provide postal verification services, such as enterprise-level validation and processing. Plus, you’ll benefit from commercial grade addressing and postage at a value, as we hold Premier USPS Customer status.

Run your operations in a secure DBMS that offers data-driven analysis, functional data models, and more.

Cloud-Based Organization and Security

It’s important to not only keep data organized, but also easily accessible behind a protective wall of security.

We provide administration tasks, from performance monitoring to recovery. You’ll be protected from risk, as our solutions are cloud-based with secure backup and storage.

MGA presents a platform that is optimized to promote better application performance, even when you need to handle large data.

Our information management technology is also secured and controlled so you can set limits and how data is viewed.

Your database administrator can leverage information managed within the DBMS to:

Additionally, the DBMS has powerful capabilities such as: intelligent data storage, archiving, and capacity planning to always keep you connected and your operations moving forward.

Your Source for Data Management Success

MGA has worked with the consumer packaging industry’s leading companies for more than 50 years. When it comes to the physical applications of contract packaging, printing, sampling, and fulfillment, we are second to none. We are proud to say we also provide an exemplary level of expertise within our data management services.

Optimize your productivity and ensure your processes are successful with the assistance of MGA.

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