Case Studies

Case Study I - Reynolds

Problem: Reynolds approached MGA with an opportunity that was challenging their resources to create and send out energy bag samples with educational information to the entire Atlanta Georgia area supporting the launch of a new energy bag at retail.

Approach: MGA was tasked with developing a mailer, finding the targeted demographic within the area and cost effectively delivering within a short timeframe.


  1. First MGA developed several mailer types to encompass the sample and deliver the brand message, which allowed Reynolds to choose their preferred format.
  2. We then delivered a tool to identify demographics in each zip code within the Atlanta area to target the preferred consumers and Reynolds was able to pinpoint its targets and mail at the lowest possible cost.
  3. Solving the tasks above we were then able to co-pack and distribute to the entire Atlanta area within the timeframe requested.
  4. With the first rollout complete and all aspects achieved we look forward to continuing the samplings to other major areas within the US.

Case Study II - Canadian Market

Problem: One of the best known and respected brands for diapers was not number one on shelf in the Canadian market. 

Approach: So, the goal was to develop a market plan to change exactly that. Our customer developed an interactive website for expectant mothers to share their journey during pregnancy and create a “Hug Plan”. Yet needed a package that would deliver large samples of diapers, wipes and coupons that would create excitement and a reveal moment at time of delivery that could be shared thru social media.


  1. MGA developed numerous packages showcasing the products with a focus on allowing the consumer to take pictures and videos while opening the newly delivered package. The brand landed on one of the first versions having a plain white outside with a carton that was printed on the inside including printed tissue paper and multiple brochures and coupons.
  2. MGA then built the infrastructure to fulfill in the US and distribute throughout Canada. Upon receiving, consumers uploaded pictures and videos of the carton being opened and the products back to their website and other social media outlets creating a buzz.
  3. We are pleased to report this brand is now number one on shelf, and MGA continues to develop and redesign the sampling with three different variations over the past three years keeping the offering unique and fresh. We look forward to next year and the packaging innovation we can bring yet again.

Case Study III - Sanofi

Problem: Sanofi launched a revolutionary allergy medication Xyzal and was faced with how to cost effectively get thousands of allergy sufferers to trial and on the path to purchase.

Approach:Enter MGA, collaborating with Sanofi and their agency we were charged with developing a package, finding the most cost-effective way to deliver a sample pack in home, and deliver within two weeks of receiving a request.


  1. First, we were able to design, develop and produce a carton to mail the sample pack that would receive the best USPS rate possible and by mailing once per week reduce fulfillment costs and stay within the desired delivery window.
  2. After a very successful first year where all samples were distributed, MGA was able to enhance the continuing program by adding a landing page to collect incoming orders, eliminate customers ordering duplicate samples and make all the information gathered accessible in real time to Sanofi.

Working with MGA

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