Our Equipment

Modern contract packaging services require state-of-the-art equipment to meet deadlines, business objectives, and customer demands. From overwrapping to kitting, affixing, and so much more, MGA Innovation is stocked with an arsenal of professional equipment to complete any project to your exact specifications. Our expert technicians also oversee and have hands-on experience managing our automated manufacturing machinery to reduce the potential for error.

With unmatched resources, we deliver unparalleled results!

MGA Equipment and Capabilities

From standard to specialized orders, MGA supports your needs with on-site, on-floor contract packaging equipment and capabilities. Produced in-house without needing to leave our facility, we have access to an extensive selection of fulfillment resources and safety mechanisms to ensure your products are packaged and transported safely to their destinations.

We have the following solutions available:



Other Solutions

Complete Your Fulfillment with MGA

MGA puts our contract packaging machinery to work every day for companies large and small. For over 50 years, we have continued to upgrade our equipment and skillset to adapt with modern processes. No matter the complexity of your order, our production facility, team, and equipment can address your needs.  Connect with us about your next project today!